Josh Duhamel's quarterback roots

2016-02-03 20:52:54

Actor Josh Duhamel might be playing a baseball player in his new movie, but his roots began on the gridiron.


He was a starting quarterback in college at MSU.


"Not Michigan State University. Minot State," Duhamel said.


Duhamel realized going pro as a football player wasn't a possibility, but his athletic ability helped him in his new role playing Major League baseball pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee. 


"I wasn't good enough," he admits about going professional.


Duhamel is a die-hard Vikings fan and is stuck in a divided household as his wife, singer Fergie, loves the Miami Dolphins. 


"Thank god, they are in different divisions."


 Neither of those teams will be playing on Super Bowl Sunday, but Duhamel does have a favorite.  


"I'm picking the Broncos. It's going to be close. But that defense will carry them."