Kevin Costner is on the clock

2014-04-10 09:16:11

Kevin Costner has seemingly done just about every genre of sports movie. Baseball, golf, boxing (because I’m going to give him credit for his cameo in “Play it to the Bone”), but football had always been elusive. Until now. Costner stars as the embattled Cleveland Browns general manager in the upcoming flick, “Draft Day” which hits theaters on April 11.
As somebody who attended Cal State Fullerton, like Costner, the chance to talk with the movie legend was certainly one of the biggest thrills of my career. Costner was a member of Delta Chi during his time at Fullerton, and it became a rite of passage of passage for anybody in the CSF Greek system to watch one of his early classics, “Fandango.” (And believe me, we spent a great deal of time off camera talking about that movie.) But here we talk about “Draft Day,” the acting chops of Arian Foster and the return of football to Los Angeles. - Adam Rank